How to redeem an Entertainer Gift Card.


The steps below will walk you through how to redeem one of our Gift Cards. 


Step 1: In order to redeem a The Entertainer Gift Card you will need to have added all of your chosen items into a basket and your delivery details and be at the payment section. 


Step 2: You will need to select Gift Voucher from the available payment options shown below.

Step 3: You will then need to enter the 21 digit long card number from the back of the gift card and the four digit pin number. The pin number can be found under the silver scratch off panel. You then need to click Check Balance.

Important information; It may appear that there are spaces between the numbers on the back of your Gift Card. When you enter the long number into the box shown above, you do not need to enter any spaces. The number should be one continuous number. 


Step 4: You will then be presented with the current balance available on the Gift Card. In order to redeem any of the balance you will need to enter the amount you wish to redeem into the box shown in red in the image below. You then need to click on Use Balance.


Should the amount you redeem cover the entire value of the order your order will process and you will be provided with an order number. If their is still an outstanding balance you will be able to select from one of the existing payment methods again, including Gift Card. 



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