How to join Jack's Birthday Club.



The below step by step guide will talk you through how to join Jack's Birthday Club. 

Step 1 - Visit our website at

Step 2 - Login to or register for an account using the Sign in / Register button in the top right hand corner of our website. You can find a How To guide for creating an account here.

Step 3 - Once you have successfully logged in to your account you will be presented with multiple options as shown below. You will need to select Jack's Birthday Club. 

Step 4 - You will now need to register the details of each child. You can do this by clicking the red button 'Add new child'.   


Step 5 - Now you will need to complete all of the required fields such as the child's name, Date of birth and your relationship to them. IMPORTANT INFORMATION - You must ticket the box that says 'I want to receive the Toyshop newsletter' in order to be sent Jack's Birthday Club discount codes. If this box is not ticked we are not permitted to send you any marketing emails or promotional discount codes. Then you should click the button 'Add child'.


You have now successfully joined Jack's Birthday Club and registered a child or multiple children. 

From more information on Jack's Birthday Club and it's terms and conditions, please click here.










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